Summed up biography

Jean Lerat (1913-1992) and Jacqueline Bouvet (1920-2009), his wife, are two French ceramicists.
After their meeting in La Borne in 1943, they decide to pool their experience, that of the sculpture for Jean, that of popular arts for Jacqueline. Supported by the collectors, institutions and the gallery Rouard they lean on the quality of local loam and oven of type Sévres in an alandier constructs for Paul Beyer who ended his life in this village They develop a production of unique piéces. They create utilitarian piéces, figures often in caractére monk, a bestiary and of vases. From 1954, they evolve towards a presentation more abstracted from nature. Their installation in Bourges with a more functional workshop and a more important oven allows them to produce rooms of bigger dimension with more manifold enamels. They leave in 1965 the utilitarian objects and baking in salt. Parallélement they develop an education of the ceramique in the national school of the Beaux-Arts of Bourges. From 1970, they dedicate themselves to the sculpture. Jean follows his bestiary and the creation of imaginary landscapes. The body and nature hold a big place in their expression. On the death of Jean in 1992, Jacqueline develops a vision purified by the stablité of bodies. Jacqueline is knight des Arts and Letters, Jean was chevalier of the Legion of Honour. They are part of movement New modernity.

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